Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Arizona

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It’s gorgeous natural beauty has been getting the attention of tourists from many years. The state has a good number of places to visit and contains deep gorges, cactus deserts, historical monuments and the fantastic museum. Arizona is the attractive, popular destination among the international tourists as well as in natives. Here we would like to introduce you the most worth seeing top 10 best places to visit in Arizona.

10. Heard Museum, Phoenix

Heard is a heritage culture museum located in the Arizona, Phoenix and the mission behind constructing that museum is to raise the cultural awareness among natives. The museum contains thousands of items collected from different countries especially from India in 1929.

Also annually there are regular festivals held, which are the cause of the recreations for the people of the Arizona and US. Visitors enjoy seeing the different local made handicrafts, paintings, pottery, textiles and much more. Despite of all this, visitors can do all that stuff with their hands, and can learn how to sew the clothes, how to make pottery.

9. Barringer Crater

Barringer crater a much attractive place for tourism support is located near the Flagstaff in the northern Arizona desert of the United States. Visitors from far places visit the Arizona crater to enjoy this incredible place that came into being 50,000 years ago.

But the crater is still owned by the Berniarag family privately. It also includes the low-cost entrance fee to see this giant hole. The Barringer was the first person who proved that the crater came into being because of the meteorite impact. Barringer was a business man and a mining engineer as well, who discovered that thing in 1903.

8. Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle, a preserved cliff dwellings since the 12th century are still the strange and unusual place to visit, located near the Crede Verde. The ancient historical site reflects the Sinagua civilization, who used this castle for the refuge purpose.

The castle is consisting of 5 stories with 20 rooms; looks like high building apartments. The antique collections of the old civilizations have gathered in the museum inside that building, and available for visitors presentation. The things include ornaments like millstones, bone needles and stone tools and much more like that.

7. Canyon de Chelly

Also, another beautiful place to visit in the Arizona referred to Navajo Nation, located in northeastern part of US state Arizona.

The Canyon Valley offers a lot of tourism attractions to travelers on the just fee of 2 dollars per person for entrance. And the number of travel companies facilitate the visitors to show them all the stunning places in the Canyon de Chelly. Visitors can see and entertain themselves by viewing the ruins of the ancients.

There are the following mentioned ruins and worth seeing places that can be visited during the trip: Kokopelli, Cavepetroglyph, rock Spider, Rock White, House Junction, Ruin First. There are also many other places in the Canyon de Chelly that can make your tour amazing.

6. Hoover Dam

The giant dam was built for the purpose of controlling flood water, and that water can be used for the irrigation and electricity production. The dam gives a spectacular scenery to the visitors, also facilitates user to see the Canyon and other nearby views.

Travelers can also see the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which also gives a fantastic view to the visitors. Visitors can also see the electricity generators and power plant of the dam.

5. Saguaro National Park

Saguaro national park is under the supervision of US National Park system and located in the southern region of Arizona outside of the Tucson. The park consists of desert and many of the barrens animals which include fauna, flora, and endangered owls. The popularity of the park is due to the abundance of Saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea), that are 70 feet in height.

Moreover, The Park has divided into two sections the east and the west, Saguaro Park East (Rincon Mountain District) and the Saguaro Park West (Tucson Mountain District). Park offers a lot of sceneries and vantage scenes also give a chance to the tourists to camp in the park and hike in the mountains.

Due to the desert landscape, the day time is boiling and night time is cold in the park. But it’s a great place to see the giant cacti that this park is preserving, and get a chance to see the iconic symbol of the west Arizona.

4. Havasu Falls

One of the most beautiful places and GOD-Gifted beauty is located in the Arizona near Supai. The mixture of green and blue fresh water of the Havasu Falls enhance the worth of the place to visit, and make it most visited places for the natives on vacations and on the weekend.

Beside the vantage position, the visitors can also swim and can walk in the water and can rejoice themselves. Visitors most photographed view, also a spot that helps visitors to make their trip exuberance. The sources you need to reach the place are, you can do the hike of 13 km or use a horse or helicopter ride.

3. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another best place to visit in the Arizona, located on the border line of Arizona and Utah. The Monument Valley is an iconic place of West Arizona, few of the movies have also been filmed in the valley, in which famous are stagecoach and future II.

The Valley is offering a lot of adventurous activities to the tourists and travelers. The valley is foremost visited place not just among natives as well as the foreign tourists. The valley allows visitors to capture the beauty of nature and grant tourists unforgettable picture of the scenery. There are also few restaurants in the valley where you can stay at very affordable rates.

2. Sedona

A stunning place to visit is Sedona in Arizona; the few miles gorge and the amid red stones have attracted visitors for many decades. The Charismatic Valley is a spiritual seekers place as well as for the tourists and travelers and the age group of all people. Here are the majestic rear sights that are worth seeing:

Red Rock Crossing, Crescent Moon, Ranch Chapel of the Holy Cross, Palatki Heritage Site, Oak Creek, Canyon Red Rock State Park, Coconino National Forest, Sedona Heritage Museum, Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park, Sedona Arts Center,

The valley is continuing to draw thousands of visitors towards its magnificent beauty every month. Sedona also offers guests many of the recreational activities like hiking, camping, biking, photography of good scenes and much more fun.

1. The Grand Canyon

When it comes to the best Arizona places to visit, the Grand Canyon is at No. 1 to visit, because of its popularity and natural beauty.

The world’s deepest canyon is the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado rivers flow through it make it a worthy place to visit at. The Grand Canyon is big enough that it is impossible to see it completely in a single day; also the uneven path of the canyon makes it difficult for the visitors to move through it quickly.

Visitors need to take a horse ride or an airplane flight over to cover the distance swiftly. Here is the following touristic plan you can attempt any of them at a time: South Rim tours, North Rim tours, East tours, West tours, Grand Canyon offers plenty of recreational activities during the visit; tourists can enjoy the rafting, hiking, fishing, camping, biking and much more.

The Grand Canyon has been drawn million of visitors from all around America and from the other countries as well, but more than eighty percent are Americans.

Get a free consultation , call us at: 602-313-0497
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